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World War II

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About the Author(s)



Project Name

World War II



For this project I'd like to find websies that help me learn more about WWII



I want to learn about the weapons used in the war and about the places it was fought in.


Links - Search


I gave this website a 29 out of 36. This website has a time line on it where you click on what happened and it gives you information.


I gave this website a 28 out of 36.  On this website you click on a link and it sends you to a place where you can click on a lick to a website that gives the information.


Search Wordle


Interview with an Expert

Contact an expert and conduct an interview.  Do the interview with

  • video (using a video conferencing tool), OR
  • audio (to make a podcast), OR
  • an email or im transcript.


Decide What Tool You Will Use To Demonstrate What You Learned



List any and all websites and resources used in your research. 

example:      http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/        last visited 9/20/08



Brainstorm ideas for presenting your learning:

Comments (3)

kyles said

at 9:48 am on Oct 16, 2008

I'm looking forward to this one!

calieghc said

at 3:55 pm on Oct 20, 2008

good start me & you kinda r reaserching the same objectives like why the war started and what were the difernt battles and stuf so we could use each others objectives and stuff

~Caleigh-revolutionary war project!!

nataliel said

at 5:49 pm on Oct 23, 2008

yea i wanna see this one

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