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Thoughts and Reflections

Page history last edited by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. 15 years, 7 months ago

This page offers different options for discussing and reflecting upon this project.  It could be about the tools, content, interactions.  It could offer suggestions.  It can be used by the project participants and interested visitors.



This is a public forum for announcements, discussions, and questions.

Creative Web Tools For and By Students

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This is Natalie: jackieletter.doc

Thank you so much for inviting our class to this WIKI, Mrs. Jackie! I learned so much about Michael Phelps and how to use cool tools like animoto and tikatok. I had a lot of fun! Thanks again! From Bryan T


from caleigh~ another letter

Thank you students from Mrs. Dekorsi's class.  You have been such a joy - come back and visit anytime.  Jackie




Comments (4)

Mrs. D said

at 9:46 am on Nov 7, 2008

Thank you for everything

alexm said

at 9:53 am on Nov 7, 2008

Hey this is alex. Thanx for letting us use your website. I had tons of fun learning about global warming and posting stuff on the website. Ill probably be back sometimes to check on the website. Thanx again for letting us be a part of this project!!

philippev said

at 9:56 am on Nov 7, 2008

Hi its Philippe. Thank you for inviting us to go on your Wiki. It was really fun. I might come back from time to time. So thanks.

mattg said

at 10:02 am on Nov 7, 2008

Hi its Matt. Thank you for letting us go on your website. it was fun I might come back so thanks.

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