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Secret Builders

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About the Author(s)






Places You Can Go

The Enchanted Woods 

The Haunted Valley

The Magic Bazaar

The Treasure Island



About These Placles

Enchanted Woods - This place is totally Alice In Wonderland inspired. You can go to the writer's block where you can talk to Shakespeare, play crossword puzzles, and Read the scroll of knowledge. There is also the Secret Builders' Lab where you can join contest, read other people ideas for secret builders, and talk to Einstein! That's not all there is Grimm's Games this has a bunch of arcade games! You can play Turtle Hockey, Treasure Hunt, Space Pong, and many more. You can also enter the all games room to play over 20 games! The last place on this list is the Tea House here you can play Chess Mate or Tic - Tac - Dough.You can also help at Alice's Restaurant.


Haunted Valley - This place it totally spooky and Halloweenish. Here you can visit Mr Hyde's Park Where you can play Yorick's End You Can also read the joke of the day here. You can also visit the Haunted Mansion. Here you can catch ghost, play Slingshot, Painting Scramble, and Dr Jekyll's Lab Rush. You can also go into the reading room where you can talk to Sherlock and type. Another place in this scary place is Frank & Steins. This place is a huge art gallery featuring the Mona Lisa and Summer. The last place you can visit is the Wierd Brew. Here you can talk to Macbeth, play Connect4, And Brew It. If you go downstairs to the Cider Cellar there are three doors, behind the door of  Good and Evil you can talk to Dr. Jekyll. Behind the door Evil you can talk to MadRobot. And behind the door of Good you can talk to Robot.


Magic Bazaar -  I'm sad to say that right now the Magic Bazaar is under contruction. But I will share information when it is done. I'm sure it'll be great!


Treasure Island - This is the place to go I you want to talk to other kids. Here you can Talk to not, only other kids, but also Copernicus. You can visit the Mango Lounge where you can play Lose Your Marbles and Turtle Hockey. There is also a do not push button but I'll let you figure out what that does. There is the Mellow Drama where you can say lines from famous plays. You can also talk to Arianna, And play story Builders. Another place is called Pirates Arrr Us Here you can play Treasure Hunt and Gold Rush. Treasure Island also has the What's Happnin' Stand where you can join contest, read about winners of contest, or just read about what's going on in Secret Builders







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makena said

at 6:13 pm on May 4, 2009

Peace The Cyclops,

I want to be your friend Steph, I truley think you are amazing! And your secret builders avatar is awesome. And the page! WOW!


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