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Project Page Template

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About the Author(s)

(No information that can specifically identify you - no pictures of you, your family or friends, no phone numbers, no personal email addresses).

Some tools or sites that you can use to create your identiy -



Project Name

(What is the name of your project?)





(Be specific what you want to learn.)



Links - Search

(List all of the links that will help you learn about this topic.  Provide the link and a brief description.)

  1. Evaluate the website using the  Website Investigator Tool:  Website Investigator Tool.pdf
  2. Write your description using the Creative Web Tools For and By Kids using the following Word Document:  CreativeToolsKidsLinks.doc
  3. Copy and paste your description here.
  4. Make your hperlink active - add a photo from the site, if you desire.


Interview with an Expert

Contact an expert and conduct an interview.  Do the interview with

  • video (using a video conferencing tool), OR
  • audio (to make a podcast), OR
  • an email or im transcript.


Decide What Tool You Will Use To Demonstrate What You Learned



Brainstorm ideas for presenting your learning:

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