This image is of my dog (Bullet) surrounded by stuffed animals that he crawled underneath.




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Project Name







1. Types of Photography

2. Famous Photographers

3. How to use light and contrast

    to enhance images(over and under


4. Still and moving objects.

5. The best ways to take pictures. (Tips) 

  The website above was very useful. There are good, and intresting tips to help with simple, or even abstract images. My rating was:30. I would recomend this website if you need some tips to make your pictures better.



Types of Photography:


Aerial   From a plane, helicopter, balloon or other airborne device.
Adventure, Action   Adventure sports, daring feats, etc.
Amateur   Any type of photography practiced by non-professionals.
Animal, Pet   Pets and their relationships with humans. Note that the human content is often as important as the animal.
Architecture, Real Estate   The art of making property appear attractive. Often involves panoramic photography.
Artistic   Photography in which creative composition is the goal.
Astrophotography   Space photography, through a telescope.
Aura   A controversial type of photography which some claim can photograph a person's aura.
Black & White   Not simply photography without colour, black and white photography explores shapes, tones and textures. Shadows and highlights become much more important.
Camera Phone   "Convenience" photography using a mobile phone's built-in camera. While not the best quality, camera phones have opened a new world of spontaneous, on-the-spot photo opportunities.
Commercial   Product shots, advertising, etc.
Digiscoping   Photography through a telescope or binoculars.
Documentary   Journalism, Events, Historical, Political, etc.
Event   Concerts, Parties, Festivals, etc.
Forensic   Police and legal photography.
Infrared   Photography in which the recording medium is sensitive to infrared light rather than the normal visible light spectrum.
Large Format   For use on posters, billboards, etc.
Kirlian   A type of contact print photography in which an object touching a photographic plate is connected to a high voltage source, creating an aura-like image. Often confused with aura photography.
Macro   The art of photographing very small and/or close-up objects.
Medical   Specialized photography for clinical purposes, i.e. to help reveal and diagnose illness.
Microscopic   Any technique for photographing objects too small to be visible to humans.
Modeling   Photographing objects to be converted into 3D models.
Nature   Landscapes, animals, plants, sea, etc.
Night   Any technique used to capture images at night. Often includes infrared photography.
Panoramic   Views of wide areas, up to complete 360° panoramas.
Paranormal   Ghosts, unexplained phenomena, etc.
People   Candid, Family, Fashion, Glamour, Passports & Visas, Portrait, Pregnancy, School, Sports, Wedding
Pinhole   Uses the most basic type of camera possible — a box with a tiny hole to let light in.
Scenic   Landscape, Cityscape
Satellite   Views of Earth from orbit.
Scientific   Any specialized photography used for scientific endeavour, e.g. electron microscopy photographs, medical photography, astrophotography, etc.
Sports   The specialized art of shooting people engaged in sports, games and adventure activities.
Stereoscopic (3-D)   Involves taking two photos simultaneously to simulate 3-D vision.
Stock   Photographs taken for distribution to other people, for use in their projects. These photos tend to be quite generic, e.g. people working, landscapes, places, etc.
Travel   Photography to showcase locations, illustrate travel literature, etc.
Ultraviolet   Photography in which the recording medium is sensitive to ultraviolet light rather than the normal visible light spectrum.
Underwater   Any type of photography taken under water with a water-tight camera housing.
Urban, Industrial   Emphasizing urban environments.
Time-lapse   Photographs with a very long exposure, used to illustrate something happening over time. A popular example is a street at night with car lights blurred into long lines.




  Famous Photographers:


Anne Geddes

  • Anne Geddes was born and raised in Queensland, Australia
  • Is mainly known for taking pictures of babies
  • Anne has inspired many people
  • Her work was, and still is admired by many people today
  • Sells, clothes, calendars, and more with her photos

Art Wolfe 

  • Was born in 1951
  • Has traveled all over the continents
  • Has been on mountain ranges for pictures
  • He says he became addicted to photography
  • Mostly has wildlife photos





Using Light and Contrast to enhance images(over and under exposure):

I did this on my own with basic exposure editing tools:

#1 #2 #3

       UNDER EXPOSED                      PROPERLY EXPOSED            OVER EXPOSED

Image #2 has equal light and contrast(properly exposed). Image #3 has equal contrast,

but more light(over exposed). Image #1 has less light than all three images, but has the

most contrast of all the images(under exposed).



Most digital cameras have modes and adjustments for light. That includes flash. If it's a sunny day outside, and you want to take pictures outdoors, flash might not be necessary, unless in a darker area. But if there is not light, you can turn on the flash to enhance the images. But if you don't, or forget to change settings on your camera, you can probably edit it on your computer. There are simple editing stations on almost all computer devices. Like red eye removal, cropping images, adjusting color, and fixing under and over exposured images. And if you don't have those, you could probably purchase a program from a store, even like Wal-Mart. These can renew and enhance your images a thousand times more. I would highly recommend to use those:)









Interview with an Expert

Contact an expert and conduct an interview.  Do the interview with

  • video (using a video conferencing tool), OR
  • audio (to make a podcast), OR
  • an email or im transcript.