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Journey to the Stars

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Journey to the stars


We want to learn more

about how stars are made and star constillation's how stars die and become black holes and all star interactions


Visual Poetry - ImageChef.com

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: eb2a232639254994a31b4b9b372437da



Constellations with Tux Paint

This is a link to the site where we saw these constellations, but we made them on Tux Paint.



Orion The Hunter

Leo The Lion

Little Dipper



This is a link to Nasa's picture gallery; http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/iotd.html

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at 5:11 pm on Dec 16, 2008

The Flickr heading looks fantastic!

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at 9:13 am on Apr 7, 2009


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