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Government and Elections

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Project Name  Law and Government


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In this Wiki Page, we'll take a look at the election process, economy, and branches of Government.



  • - The jobs of each part of the Government

  • - How our country is ran 

  • - What makes us a democrocy? 

  • - This years propositions and presidential candidate. 

  • - Get more educated! To many people (including adults) aren't informed about the Government!


Visual Poetry - ImageChef.com

Oh, so many words! Luckily, here's a dictionary! With 100 terms. References inside

How We Elect The: President of the US

Who: The President

When: Every Four Years

Why: The president is part of the executive branch and has many jobs that effect us,so we elect who we think will do the best job.


How: Each state has a few ELECTORS per president. If the state votes for Mccain, then Mccains electors go and vote for him in DC. So really, the state votes as a whole. This process is called the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Each president has a color Mccain= red Obama= blue. If Mccain is voted for by Arizona, and Obama is voted for by Iowa, then Arizona would be colored in red and Iowa would be colored in blue.




How to form good opinions-- 10 good tips

1. Visit websites to learn about the proposition/candidate (Like the ones below)

2. Look at BOTH sides before casting a vote.

3. Consider all options

4. Talk to family members and friends to find out what they think.

5. Make sure you understand as best you can

6. Don't go just by what friends or your family say. Form your OWN opinion.

7. Ask questions

8. Watch debates/videos from BOTH sides


9. While engaging in debates, really listen to what your opposer has to say. 

10. Keep an open mind.


Presidential Elections Websites- WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT?



Other Useful Links

Prefrences for Tikatok Book:

U.S. Senatae Website

Classroom Government Worksheets



Presidential Debate

Debating Rules

  1. Please give at least ONE GOOD REASON why you believe the way you do. GOOD EXAMPLE: I think Obama should be president because he wants to end the war in Iraq. BAD EXAMPLE: I think Obama should be president because my mom said so.
  2. No matter how strongly you disagree, always be nice and don't insult the other person's opinion.GOOD EXAMPLE: I don't think Obama should be president because he isn't going to take care of health care. BAD EXAMPLE: Obama will make a terrible president and you're just stupid if you want him. 

Who should earn the title of President?

Choose a Position:




Carly F Carly F


We need Obama to be our next president for many reasons. One of the most important is that this state needs a big turn around from Bush's leadership. We're letting fear of terrorists block our judgment and we're starting to do things like torture people and not give them their rights, and we're tapping people's phones and tracking what they're doing without very solid evidence. Don't get me wrong, terorrisem is very, VERY bad, but by doing this we're giving them what they wan't. Terror, and us falling apart and taking unnecessary measures. We lso need to stop judging people because they're the same race as people inv


olved in 9-11, not all muzzlems are bad. Plenty of people our races have done terrible things, does that make us terrible? It's like what happened in Star Wars, Palpetine made them scared, and all of the sudden they're an Empire instaid of a Democrocy. I'm not saying something this severe is going to happen to us, but it will get worse if we do not elect Obama and stop it.

Oct. 17, 2008





From the Week In Rap


The Week in Rap from Week in Rap on Vimeo.

Watch CBS Videos Online


How we elect: Propositions

What: Propositions

When: We vote on different ones each year, there are normally seven or eight props on the ballot.

Why: Because sometimes laws need to be changed, or added.

How: Countries do not vote on props. Each state votes on different ones, so California will have different propositions then Utah. What kind of proposition it is depends on it's numbering. Some are just laws, some are amendments, and, if elected, will amend, change,the State Constitution, which is second in power next to the Federal Constitution.


Propositions Links- YOU DECIDE



Proposition 300

 At a salary of $24,000 dollars a year, I don't think senate employees need more money. There salary is already greater then most of our parents' salaries. And with economy bad, the government has more important things to spend on like education, medical/health care problems, military, and construction.

Proposition 202

This is another hard one, though I think it should be a yes. I think our immigration plans are not that great, and anything to make us less strict on the subject sounds good, although if it turns out it's bad for immigrants I would consider changing my mind.


Proposition 200

Another false labeling, "Reform pay day lones." Is not really a reform. Payday lones, A buisness that lones money to people, already charges a lot of money to it's costumers. This will give the the power o charge EVEN MORE, pushing us farther and farther into poverty, which is the last thing Arizona needs. We're not too high in poverty, lets stay that way by voting NO on prop 200.


Proposition 105

 Majority Rules, is somewhat false labeling. This prop. says that if you're registered to vote, and you don't vote, it counts as a NO for all tax laws. This is kind of silly sense the majority of people able to vote don't, no new tax laws could EVER be passed.


Proposition 102

Out of all the propositions, I am most strongly OPPOSED to this one. i even where a button that says "Vote no on prop. 102." For each argument of the proposing side, I have an answer.


  1. Gay couples can't have kids- Does that mean they still can't be happily married? There are some straight couples that can't give birth, and there allowed to get married. Plus, most people will not go and get married to the opposite gender and have babies, so that isn't stopping any one from getting born.
  2. People Proposing prop. 102 say that marriage is in danger by gay couples, and that it makes it less important. I think it's the opposite,The definition of marriage is love, We're really weakening marriage if we won't let people get married to who they love, and we make people be something they're not. If marriage is REALLY about love, then we would let people get married to whom they REALLY love. To me, only letting people get married a certain way is the thing REALLY weakening marriage. After all, if people force themselves to marry someone they don't really love, then that is not really marriage as it should be.
  3. Gay marriage- it's gross. But it's only gross because we're not used to it. It's thinking in black and white, saying things have to be a certain way. About sixty years ago, we thought a white person dating a black person was "Gross", and now we see it on Y7 rated TV shows. When I was watching a show where a black person and a white person were dating, my mom told me a long time ago that was "Gross" we were shocked I hope by th time I have kids, they will see a gay couple on TV, and be shocked when I tell them that used to be considered gross. It's just different, and different is considered bad way too often.
  4.  It says gay marriage is bad in the Bible- This is the most sensible argument I've heard, but I believe the Bible is true, but not completely factual. I can not believe that prop. 102 is the will of God. After all, in the Bible it says not to eat pork, but we haven't made a law against it.
  5. Although I VERY strongly believe all these things, I must say that it is irrelevant to prop. 102 and the proposition is a bit redundant. There is already a law against same gender marriage in Arizona, and the Supreme Court have already rule that it is aloud, so sadly we're not in any danger of that law changing. Plus we already voted down a proposition very similar to this one, prop. 107, in the 2006 election. As the motto of the No campaign says, No means no! That's my argument, but I believe whether prop. 102 is voted up or down, change is coming an someday we will have gay/lesbian marriage


Proposition 101

The text in this proposition is very misleading. It makes you think that it will make it better and easier to get health care, when it really makes it harder and more expensive. People need health care, and this is not the way for the to get it.


Title of Website: If I Were President


URL Address: http://www.econedlink.org/lessons/em375/popupActivity.html


Description of Website:

Have you ever wondered how our state spends it’s money? You can decide in this interactive “If I Were The President” game. Choose how to spend the money. Schools? Roads? Hospitals? Military? What's important to you?


Overall Rating: 3 stars.

This game is good for younger children. Probably between the ages of 2nd- 4th grade. 


Title of Website: The American Presidency


 URL Address:



Description of Website The “American Presidency” has different games, activities, and information for all ages. You learn about the presidents, their family, and how they got there.


Overall Rating: Twenty four. Average over all.

Resource Alert - Our Courts Project is coming soon.  It will be an interactive, 3-D world for kids to learn and interact with civics issues.   


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Mrs. D said

at 12:33 pm on Sep 14, 2008

Good job so far. Not sure what the 3 stars mean. Is it 3 out of a possible 5. I am looking for a number like in the Website Investigator Tool.pdf document.

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 6:50 pm on Oct 20, 2008

Carly - I LOVE your page. I am very proud of you!

lexi said

at 1:09 pm on Oct 21, 2008

This page is great.I really like it.

rayanna said

at 1:15 pm on Oct 21, 2008

You did a great job!i love the quiz!keep up the good work!

austin said

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your site is so awesome!

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carly said

at 4:33 pm on Oct 22, 2008

I added a Voki!

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 2:26 pm on Oct 23, 2008

You are really rockin' this webapge. Why not try making a Tikatok books - see frontpage and Steph's cookbook. I continue to express my awe in your website!

Mrs. D said

at 2:28 pm on Oct 23, 2008

This is such a great page. I'm having my students visit here, tomorrow.

carly said

at 6:02 pm on Oct 23, 2008

Thx. Ha-ha. That's funny I was just coming here to post a Tikatok.

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 6:57 pm on Oct 23, 2008

Carly - great minds think alike. I have to ask one favor - if you can, please list your references in your Tikatok where you got your information either add it to your book or post it under it. This will be a skill you need to use especially in high school and college. It is called citing your sources.

And speaking of college, you really should begin a portfolio of these amazing projects. We can search out a tool for creating an e-portfolio. I also recommend taking image shots and having hard/paper copies. You work is worthy of being showcased. I will highlight it in my presentations to others (and so will Mrs. D. as she stated above) but you should also create a "professional" portfolio. I keep saying it but I am very proud of you!

calieghc said

at 6:06 pm on Oct 30, 2008

You must have done such alot of researsh!! wonderful job!!! Go McCain..lol

~Caleigh-Revolutionary war page

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 6:56 pm on Nov 5, 2008

You keep creating such fantastic work! I added a larger version of your Wordle. I am thinking that it might be time to split your webpage into two pages - one for the 2008 election and one for Law/Government. What do you think?

carly said

at 7:09 pm on Nov 5, 2008

I don't really want to. I want it all on one page, it's easier to manage that way, and it's cool seeing it all together!

But thanks for the suggestion!

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 11:23 am on Nov 9, 2008

Carly - here is a link that might provide you with some additional resources - http://www.gamesforchange.org/main/newentry-features/election_games_and_the_2008_election_in_games/

Anonymous said

at 7:46 am on Dec 19, 2008

It is very good project. You are very talented.

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