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on December 18, 2008 at 8:35:40 pm

 Welcome to Creative Tools For and By Kids  


We are seeking more students - ages 9 to 14 to join the project.


 Creative Web Tools For and By Kids is a project designed for students, ages 9 to 14, to use emerging technologies for engaging, thinking, learning, collaborating, creating, and innovating. The focus is on the use of free, open-source, or minimal cost tools, so the project can be replicated.  An underlying goal is to demonstrate how advanced technological applications for enhancing learning can be implemented with only a computer and Internet access.


Teachers - for more details, visit About This Project: For Teachers

Also visit Wee Web Wonders: A Public Showcase for Creative Web Tools For and By Kids Website 

For fun, explore this site by playing the Jeopardy based Scavenger Hunt


Wiki Guidelines 

  • No personal information, no real images or photographs of your or your friends or your family.
  • Introduce yourself with one or two of the online tools provided.
  • This is going to be a model site for other students and teachers.  Please make sure that your project page includes only content about your topic (excluding your personal introduction).  The sites you like for fun and games can be added to another site like think.com.
  • All images and text used need to meet one of the following criteria:
  1. It needs to be a personal creation.
  2. It needs to be copyright free.
  3. If it is not copyright free, the "owner" needs to be identified.
  • The comment box at the bottom is designed to make comments about the page's content.  For more informal chats, use think.com or another email or Blog site.
  • This project is desigend for you to learn new things about your topic.  You are the researcher and expert.  Include lots of links and ideas so other students can learn about the topic, too.
  • Project pages are added by the teacher.  Please do not add your own personal page - use existing ones.

Visit Our Virtual Office Space

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Contact Jackie for more information.

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