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Forensic Science

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 About The Author: 



Project Name: Forensic Science(tests)



This page is about Forensic Science, a way of using science to solve crimes and analyze evidence.



We will focus on learning the following: 

-What is Forensic Science?

-The life of a forensic scientest

-Development of tools used in Forensic Science

-The different fields of Forensic Science

-Famous Cases

-What you have to learn to become a Forensic Scientist




Are you ready to become a Forensic Scientist?


This is an interactive "Game" Where you can learn about the life of a Forensic Scientust . Follow these steps. Have fun!


You have joined the KFT (Kids' Forensic Team) It is time to start your training! You will get to have lots of fun with links to interactive "mysteries" you can solve, while learning about Forensic Science. But first- you need to meet the team of scientists here to help you complete your training! You can click the play button to here them speak to you, read their profile, and click on the link to here more about their feild of investigation. Here are the steps you will take to become a KFT master.


1st. You will go through "Novice" training to learn about what forensic science is, go on easy mission, and learn over-all essential forensic abilities, supervised by Sarah, the novice trainer. Then you will get to take test to becme a rookie.



2nd. Rookies will dab into each field of forensics and learn a little under all the KFT masters. They explore each field and do a task for each master. Then they take a test to become an apprentice.


3rd. Once you're an apprentice, you're almost t the end of your training. Now it's time to chose which field you want to know most about, and follow certain links to read more in-deph about that subject. YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK AND DO THE OTHER ONES. Then you tke your masters test, AND become an official KFT agent!



Activity: Meet the team of forensic scientists to here about different fields of forensics.


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                                             Name: Dr. Emily Sanders

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Pathology

                                             Training: 4 years of college in biology, 4 years of medical

                                             school, an apprenticeship in pathology.

                                             Age: 34

                                             Height/Weight: 5 and a half foot/120 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Blonde

                                             Eye Color: Brown 


Want to learn more about Forensic Pathology? Visit this Link: http://www.all-about-forensic-science.com/forensic-pathology.html


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                                             Name: Dr. Michael Carter

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Engineeing

                                             Training: High degree in Engineering

                                             Age: 27

                                             Height/Weight: 6 ft/123 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Brown

                                             Eye Color: Brown 

To find out more on Forensic Engineering, Follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_engineering


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                                             Name: Dr. Amy Reverez

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Criminalist

                                             Training: Bachealor degrees in biology, molecular biology,

                                             physics, and chemistry

                                                                   Age: 25

                                             Height/Weight: 5 ft. 3/115 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Brown

                                             Eye Color: Brown


To learn more, follow this link: http://www.calmis.ca.gov/file/occguide/crimnlst.htm


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                                             Name: Dr. Jared Smith

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Phycologist

                                             Training: Phycology Degree

                                                                   Age: 29

                                             Height/Weight: 5 ft. 3/115 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Black

                                             Eye Color: Brown


To learn more, follow this link: http://www.all-about-forensic-science.com/forensic-psychology.html


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                                             Name: Dr. Derek Johnson

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Odontologist

                                             Training: Dental degrees, lectures

                                                                   Age: 32

                                             Height/Weight: 5 ft.5 inches/130 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Brown

                                             Eye Color: Blue 

To learn more, follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_dentistry


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                                             Name: Dr. Bolivia Jones

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Ballistic Expert

                                             Training: Police Weopons Handiling, Science degrees

                                                                   Age: 30

                                             Height/Weight: 5 ft.2 inches/119 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Brown

                                             Eye Color: Green 

To learn more, follow this link: http://forensicscience.suite101.com/article.cfm/what_is_forensic_ballistics


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                                             Name: Dr. Daniel Rockwood

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Toxologist

                                             Training: Degrees in phyics, chemistry, and pharmacy

                                                                   Age: 36

                                             Height/Weight: 6 ft./130 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: None

                                             Eye Color: Green 

To learn more, follow this link: http://www.soft-tox.org/default.aspx?pn=Introduction


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Edit: People who do this are actually called Document Examiners.


                                             Name: Dr. Jamie Tessalow

                                             Proffesion: Forensic Document Examiner

                                             Training: Language, Grammar, Physics, art

                                                                   Age: 26

                                             Height/Weight: 5ft./116 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Brown

                                             Eye Color: Green 

To learn more, follow this link: http://www.all-about-forensic-science.com/forensic-linguistics.html



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                                       Name: Detective Benson

                                       Proffesion: Detective

                                       Training: Math, Science, Physics, Public Speaking

                                       Age: 26

                                       Height/Weight: 5ft.6 inches/117 lbs.

                                       Hair Color: Black

                                       Eye Color: Hazel


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                                             Name: Dr. Ronald Campton

                                             Proffesion: Field Forensics

                                             Training: Science, Biology, Math

                                                                   Age: 29

                                             Height/Weight: 5ft.9 inches/125 lbs.

                                             Hair Color: Red

                                             Eye Color: Royal Blue

To learn more, follow this link: http://www.bls.gov/oco/pdf/ocos115.pdf



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Sarah so kindly gives you a video of the documents Ron the field Technician had made at his last scene. It will show you how to secure a Crime Scene just like the CSI proffesionals on TV!


Here is the video:


Visit www.moblyng.com to make your own!


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"So anyways," Jean continues "I want to show you all the different methods of finding and collecting different tyes of evidence collecting, and how they're useful. It would be really cool to show off my new skills as an apprentice, after all, I was a rookie only a month ago! So feel free to look at the study cards Mr. Campton showed me."


Study Cards For Novice's and Rookies


There are many ways of collecting/recording evidence. Here are just a few. Study them well.


Fingerprint Dusting: Fingerprints obviously can not be plopped into a bag and taken to a lab. Technicians first must find the fingerprints. They dust for these in places they think are most likely, using a special powder. Then, they place the sticky side of tape on it to lift the print, then taping it to an index card, on which they write information like date taken, place found, ect. Then they can compare them to a HUGE database full of fingerprints of known criminals. Or they can take prints from suspects.


The Old Fashioned Way: a lot of evidence CAN be plopped into a bag and daken to a lab, which is the case with things like hairs, fabrics, bullets, ect. They are placed in bags by trained technicians who can handle it without getting any evidence ruined.


The Clay Way: a bank has been robbed, and the culprits had made a speedy get away in their car. But Field Technicians can  use clay to lift tire marks, They'll press a very hard clay onto the surface area and lift it into a hardened mold. Then they can tell what kind of car was used in the assault and be on the look out. 

Plaster- One of the most challenging things to collect is foot prints. If a print is deep enough in somthing like mud, then it can be filled with plaster, a liquid that can quickly harden it  a solid. It is poured into the print and then lifted when it's a hard, solid print. Then they can check a number of resources like a suspect's shoe print, or a list of people who have purchased that certain shoe brand.

UV lights- To see bloodstains, especially ones that blend in with red surfaces or are concealed by paint. By shining the special lights on areas, Detectives and Technicians can check for bloodstains made either by victims or suspects. Sometimes special lights are also used to find very small but vital pieces of evidence such as a strand of hair. It does this by making them contrast and show even the smallest pieces of evidence.

Photography: Often used for fingerprints, body's, and changes in the scene like un hinged doors. Special Detective photographers take pictures of the things mentioned above. There are many different ways they do this, sometimes they take a picture of it with the scene so you can see how it works with it. Most of the time they'll take pictures of it with rulers put together to form a right angle so detectives looking at it later can see how big the evidence really is!


Tracing- The last one, sometimes bodies must be taken in for an autopsy, but they aren't finished with the scene. To figure out causes of death, detectives must see how and where the body lay. So they trace around it with a red chalk  to show where a body layed before taken in.



Sarah walks up to you and thanks Jane for helping you out "You better get to the crime scene" she says "They're expecting you, and don't worry, there'll be experts there to help you."


You excitedly arrive at the crime scene, where a huge group of people are waiting for you. But wait. There can't be that many officials! "Who are these people?" you ask a nearby detective. "Oh hello, we were just waiting for you to lead us away." The detective smiles. "These people are the suspects, witnesses, and that man over there." He points to an elderly looking man"Is our victim." These words confuse you, so you ask "Who are those people?" The detetive just chuckles, "New recruit are you? Well good. We need someone with lots of energy to help us. But anyways," He continues "The victim, Mr. Robinson, is the owner of a jewlry store that has just been robbed. That's why we're in the parking lot. The victim is the un-lucky person who as suffered from a crime." He continues on, and you think he must have this memorized "The witnisses are the people who have seen the crime, or parts of it." He pointed over to a small group of people huddled together talking. "And the suspects, the suspects are the people who we think might have commited the crime." You shoot a dirty look in the direction of a group of other people, all looking extremely nervous. "They haven't all comitted the crime though, it's your job to figure out which one did. So are you ready to start?"



sarah walks over to you "Guess what? You're ready to take the test and become a rookie! Come find me when you're ready to start. 



10/10- ADVANCED. Rookie status 

8-9/10- PASS. Rookie status 



2-/10- FAIL, RE DO.





"You did it!" Exclaims Sarah "I'm going to miss you, you were a great student, but I'll see you around. Hurry up now,  Dr. Smith is waiting for you to help him with your first task as a rookie!"

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 The Jewelry Store Mystery? He's talking about Mr. Robinson's Fine Jewels being robbed. Maybe by the end of your rookie training you'll be able to crack this mystery wide open. "Yes, I'm ready." You say to Dr. Smith, who replies "Who would you like to talk to first?" "How about Mr. Robinson?" He nods. "Great, just let me go over the basics with you.


Forensic Phycology is the study of human behavior that has to do with crimes. We find out what kind of suspects would have reasons to commit crimes, or, motives. We study all aspects of the witness, suspcts, and yes, even victims, life. We find out who their friends and enimies are? Who would want something bad to happen to them? What kimd of financial status do they have? And who has commited this kind of crime before?


You greet Mr. Robinson and start the interview, which Dr. Smith is taping.













Rookie: So, did you hear or see anything when the culprit broke in? Mr. R: Actually, I was with my family at the time. My little girl, Madison, just had her 5th Birthday Party and I didn't want to miss it, So I put my friend Jerome inchare. Rookie: Oh that's cool. But anyways, do you think Jerome might have broken in? Mr. R: No, I trust him with my life. Anyways, there was force of entry at the Crime Scene. Rookie: Hey, how do you know that? Only the technicians have seen the Crime Scene! Mr. R: I heard things. You know, I think I do know someone who may have commited the crime. Evelyn Watson, the owner of Evelyn's exotic jewlery. She knows I'm in a poor financial situation, she knows I will have to go out of buisness if I lose much more money, lucky for me, I just raised my insurance. Rookie: That's good, but Evelyn's Exotic Jewlry is a nation wide store that makes a whole lot of money. Why would she want to take out a financially poor local buisness like yours? Your hardly competition, if you don't mind me saying so. Mr. R, shrugging: Your the detective. Rookie: Forensic Scientist, actually. But thanks for your time, I hope we'll catch the culprit!






Mr. Smith comes out from the watching room,clapping. "Very good! You're a natural, I hope you decide to train with me when you graduate. I'll take your notes, and look into them, but right now Ms. Jones needs  you in the Balistics Lab.




Excitedly you head over to the Balistics Lab, where Jones wastes no time in  handing you a pair of gloves. "Alright, let's get started rookie. You'll be helping me do a test on this fire arm." She holds up a gun, which is in an evidence bag. "Put on some safety goggles, we're ready to begin!"




 This is the firearm. 



This is the bullet, which was found in the glass, pictured here:





Here is a close up on the serial number that has been scratched out. We now have to use something called MAGNETIC POWDER to see it. You see, the metal has been messed with when the number was carved in in the first place, so even though the convict scratched it out, it's still there. JUST ADD POWDER!




Now let's see what that serial numbere is! Ah ha!





One last picture!


"Great job! We now know the serial number of the gun is 12468. Now lets call up some fire-arm shops, they'll be able to tel us who purchased this gun."


----------------BINGO! 10 minuets later you have a match. Let's go talk to Mr. Johnson, he says he knows who may have prchased the gun.


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"Jerome! I knew it!" you exclaim "Good job rookie. I too have news. After examining the pictures, I have discovered that the bullet was planted in the glass after it was broken. The glass was really broken from a hammer! I'll tell you more later, right now, our detective needs you!" 





You enter the detectives office, where the detective is waiting with a middle aged women. "Oh good, you're here. I heard you've interviewed our victim, but now lets get a word with everybody else.  Here's the grande list."



"Okay, let's hear Evelyn's statemant."


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Name: Evelyn Watson

Occupation: Owner of Evelyn's Exotic Jewlery

Age: 38


Height: 6 feet


Weight: 130 lbs.


Possible Motive: Owner of competing store


Criminal Backround: None.



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Name: Jerome Smith


Occupation: Manager of Perry's Pizza


Age: 46



Height: 5' 11"


Weight: 164 lbs.


Possible Motive: Need of money.


Criminal Backround: Juvenile Shop Lifting.


"Now let's here from some witnesses."




Sarah Jay, Eyewitness


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Name: Sarah Jay

Occuption: Principal of Rocky Junior High

Saw: Mrs. Jay was standing on her porch turning off the lights when she glanced at the parking lot of Mr. Robinson's store (across from where she was standing) and saw two people (she thought mn because of their broad shoulders and height) wearing masks running cross the parking lot and into the store. She immediately dialed 911. By the time the police arrived the suspects had vanished, only Mr. Smith remained, who was asleep when the police came in, but woke up seconds after.


Sam Doug, Earwitness.


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Name: Sam Reyes Doug

Occupation: Basketball Coach

Heard: Mr. Doug was asleep, but was awoken by the bang of a gun, followed by the breaking of glass, alarms, and sirens. He ran outside to see what was going on, but by then, the culprit had vanished and the police were allready taping off the scene. He also suspects he heard deep voices, probably the voices of males.




"So rookie, what can you deduse from these four interviews? Detective Benson asks.



"Well, Ms. Jay saw two people with broad shoulders, and Mr. Doug heard deep voices. So I'm guessing we have two culprits, both males. I guess Evelyn didn't do it." You say.


"But how could you know for sure?" Asks Detective Benson.


"DNA Testing?"


"Good idea rookie! Why don't you head over to the Crime Lab, and see what our criminalist can do for you. Until then, we can pretty much rule Evelyn out, but that lads us to another problem. Who was the other man?"







"Hey, you came just in time! Our technicians have gathered some DNA from the crime scene, and we're ready to match it up to our database. We have sasmples from our suspects, sand anyone who SHOULD have been there. You'll need to match up DNA found at the crime scene to Jerome, Evelyn, or Mr. Robinson.







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You shrug "OK" You watch as she enters a card with a barely visible print into a computer. The program FBI PRINT DATABASE comes up. Then she presses enter and a file pops up on the screen.

She gasps.



'What?" you ask


"This print is Mr. Robinson's! "


"Why is he in the criminl database?"


"If you're going to be a forensic criminilist, you'll have to learn to look at these files. So see for yourself." She says. You look.





"What's insurance fraud?" You ask


"That's when someone does something to get money from their insurane company. For example, if my insurance contract says that if my house burns down I get a certain amount of money, and I burn down my house on purpose just to get that money, that would be insurance fraud."




You make a mental note of what the criminalist just told you.


"Well, Mr. Robinson's blood at the scene is strange. Maybe our pathologist can condict a search. Why don't you go see her?"









You walk into Dr. Sanders Office. "Hello, sorry to disturb you, but Dr. Reverz and I found some of Me. Robinson's blood at the crime scene, and she thought you could help."


Dr. Sanders looks up from her work "Well, it's very rare I'm involved in anything but murder cases, as I usually examine bodies. But as Medical Dr., I do sometimes look for causes of injury on a living person. I'll examine Mr. Robinson, but I want you to take careful notes."





"Well, that's about all I can do, so why don't you head over to our engineer?"





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"How can you tell?" You ask 

"Well, as a forensic engineer, my job is to use a combination of mathematics and science to carefuly check a structure for defects or information on what happened to make it fail. But I didn't need all that to dedeice what happened to the door. It was laying on the exterior of the shop, indicating it was pushed from inside. There were dents on the door, and a hammer laying on the floor." You laugh "Also, we found somehing strange in the shop, maybe you can help our Forensic Document Examiner figure it out."





"Hey, I'm glad you're here." Greats the Geogropher. "I am about to conduct a handwriting analysis of the bottom half of a letter found in Mr. R's office in the back of the store. He're's what it looks like:"








"I have a hunch that whoever wrote this and hid it in Mr. R's office wrote it in something other than his/her's original handwriting. But we can tell one thing for sure, they're probably left handed. Do you see the smudges? When left handed people write right-left, they drag their hand over the ink, smudging it. I'll get back to you with my other findings, that's all for now.



You decide to call and brief Mr. R on what you have so far. So you dial the number you were givin by Detective Benson. His wife answers.


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"Basicly, he's trying to make and sell jewlery at the same time. He's working so hard! I'm just glad we had insurance to get by. But anyways, I'll tell him you called. He really wants that case solved, so he'll be happy for a brief."






Detective Benson walks in. "Allright rookie, as a detective it's my job to put all the clues together to solve a mystery. You learned how to secure a crime scene and collect evidence like a technician, you saw the statements of suspects, victims, and eye witnesses, you compaired physical evidence like a criminilist and so much more. Now it's time to wrap this case up. You can look at the detective journal to see the notes, then put your skills to the test. When yor ready, find out the answer by watching yourself testify in court. "



1. The crime took place 10:00 P.M. On a Thursday Night

2. Mr. Robinson did not see it happen because he had taken the night off for his daughter's fifth birthday

3. He had left his friend, Jerome in charge of the shop.

4. When the police arrived, Jerome was asleep.

5. Mr. Robinson suspects Evelyn Watson, who owns a chain of jewlery shops, and knew he was not doing well financially.

6. The police suspect Jerome because he was the only one with keys to the shop

7. However, as Mr. Robinson pointed out in his interview, there was signs of forced entry at the crime scene.

8. In the ballistics lab, a sereal number was found on the gun found at the crime scene, and then was matched to Jerome as the buyer.

9. Jerome claims in his interview that he is not any richer, so he hadn't made a lot of money quickly as he would after stealing all the jewlery taken from the shop.

10. Evelyn claims she has an alibi, and that she was shopping when the event occured, andthat she would have no reason to tak down a poor store when she has a "jewlery palace"

11. Here is what was learned from an eyewitness statement:

Mrs. Jay was standing on her porch turning off the lights when she glanced at the parking lot of Mr. Robinson's store (across from where she was standing) and saw two people (she thought mn because of their broad shoulders and height) wearing masks running cross the parking lot and into the store. She immediately dialed 911. By the time the police arrived the suspects had vanished, only Mr. Smith remained, who was asleep when the police came in, but woke up seconds after.

12. Here's what was learned from an earwitness statement:

Mr. Doug was asleep, but was awoken by the bang of a gun, followed by the breaking of glass, alarms, and sirens. He ran outside to see what was going on, but by then, the culprit had vanished and the police were allready taping off the scene. He also suspects he heard deep voices, probably the voices of males.

13.Jerome's hair, suit fabric, and Mr. Robinson's blood (in the form of a dry bloodstain) was found at the CRime Scene.

14. Mr. Robinson's print was found in the criminal database (he had been arrested for insurance fraud earlier) on the hammer found at the Crime Scene.

15. THe hmmer turne out to be a chisel.

16. Mr Robinson says that he tripped and fell on the chisel, causing the blood found at the Crime Scene.

17. The pathologist describes the cut as a long incision going across his knee, deep enough to bleed.

18. The engineer says after examining the door, he's deduced it was knocked down from the inside.

19. The torn bottom half of a letter, likely placed there by the suspect, reads "You're Cut Will Arrive Shortly."

20. The geogropher has deduced it was written by a left handed person.

21. Mr. R's wife says Mr. Robinson is very busy, apparently multitasking, selling and making jewlery with a chisel in his right hand and a pen in his left hand.



The criminilist approaches you "Now that you know all the clues, as a criminilist, it's your job to get this mystery read for the jury. Testify in court so justice can be served


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Red-ROOKIE Blue- Mr. R.


Thank you your honor. At this point I would like to point out that we've interrogated suspects, but  have we interviewed our victim? I think we should, because  James Robinson is not only our victim, but our culprit!



Why that's propostorous! Why would I rob my own shop?



Not as propostorous as you want us to think. I was first suspicious when Mr. Robinson defended his friend Jerome by stating that there was forced entry at the crime scene. He shouldn't know that, as he was out, and only technicians have seen the scene. Then, later when he said he had left the shop with Jerome that night for his daughter's fifth birthday party, but the crime took place t 10:00 P.M. What five year old has their birthday party at that hour? And we have those little slip ups taped. Then we interviewed suspects. At first I thought Evelyn Watson might have commited the crime, but she had a solid alibi for 10:00 PM which was comfirmed by her friend and mall security tapes. I'll get back to Jerome later. We learned somethings from our eye and ear witnesses. They heard deep voices, and saw broad shoulders. Probably men. That with Evelyn's alibi almost completely rules her out as the culprit! If that wasn't enough, in the crime lab Dr. Reverez helped me match a hair to Jerome, find suit fabric, and Mr. R's blood. Nothing from Evelyn! But why was Mr. R's blood there? He claimed he had tripped and fell on his jewlery chisel which was pointe up. But if that had happened, there would have been a small circular wound. To get the long cut across his knee Dr. Sanders found, he would have had to scrape it across the knee, Like he did when he really recieved the cut from knocking the door down. As our engineer states, it was knocked from the inside, the door was pointing to the exterior of the crime scene. It would have been pointing in if it was knocked down from the inside. And the dents on the side that faced the inside of the store.  Why would the culprit knock the door down from the inside if he was allready in. To frame someone else maybe?


It's a lie! And you said their were TWO men. If you're so smart, tell me who you think the other person is.


Becase, as you said in your video, you were doing poorly financialy. You needed to make some money fast. So you raised your insurance to an extremely high level, then robbed your own shop so the insurance company would have to pay you money. If my math is correct, you could have made about 5,000 dollars off this scandal, then put the jewlery back. But you knew you had done it before, and you might be put under suspicion when your shop was robbed again. So you constructed an alibi by asking Jerome to watch the shop. In return you would give him a cut of the money you made. Then that night, Jerome would let you in using the key, you would take the doors down to make it look like forced entry, then leave before the cops showed up to see a sleeping Jerome.  You would say you were at your daughter's birthday party. You even shot open your glass jewlery case, but maybe you should have taken the necklaces. Why would a robber destroy a jewley case and not take the jewlery?





Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury,  Mr. Robinson is guilty of insurance fraud, and Jerome of being his accomplice. Check  Mr. R's house officer, you'll find the stolen jewlery stashed there.




After you read the article about your amazing victory, you step in KFT room thirty. This is the examination room. There are about six other rookies in there, allready seated, waiting to be tested. They all look at you. They must have read the news. A KFT official is at the front of the room. "You are about to take a test to become a KFT Apprentice. If you pass, you will take apprenticeship with one of our KFT masters. So after you take your examination, they will each talk to you about it. Remember, you can always go back and apprentice in another field. But now, it's test time!"





10/10- ADVANCED. Rookie status 

8-9/10- PASS. Rookie status 



2-/10- FAIL, RE DO.





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note: you will not be tested on in dept information, except for any simple charts/diagrams featured in the link







Pathology Apprenticeship



Introduction to science field: http://web2.iadfw.net/uthman/forensic_path.html

Terminology: http://suicideandmentalhealthassociationinternational.org/forensicsgloss.html

Interactive Activity: http://www.deathonline.net/movies/mm/autopsy.cfm

In Dept Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_pathologyo

Other Links: http://php.forensics.rice.edu/case1/Game/ CHOOSE PATHOLOGY


QUIZ: http://www.mystudiyo.com/ch/a89352/go



Engineering Apprenticeship

Introduction to science field: http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=2980:

Terminology: http://www.astro-med.com/knowledge/glossary1.html

Interactive Activity: http://engineeringinteract.org/resources/parkworldplot/parkworldplotlink.htm

In Dept Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_engineering



Crimanilist Apprenticeship

Introduction to science field: http://www.calmis.cahwnet.gov/file/occguide/Crimnlst.htm

Terminology: http://suicideandmentalhealthassociationinternational.org/forensicsgloss.html

Interactive Activity: http://php.forensics.rice.edu/case1/Game/   CHOOSE BIOLOGY/DNA LAB

In Dept Information: http://www.answers.com/topic/criminalistics-1


Psychology Apprenticeship

Introduction to science field: http://www.wcupa.edu/_academics/sch_cas.psy/career_paths/forensic/career08.htm

Terminology: http://suicideandmentalhealthassociationinternational.org/forensicsgloss.html

Interactive Activity: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/body/interactives/senseschallenge/

In Dept Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_psychology

Other Links: http://www.all-about-forensic-psychology.com/


Odontology/Anthropology Apprenticeship

Introduction to science field:


Terminology: http://anthro.palomar.edu/tutorials/pglossary.htm

Interactive Activity: http://www.kidport.com/Grade5/Science/BodyBones.htm

In Dept Information: http://www.apsu.edu/oconnort/3210/3210lect02c.htm

Other Links: http://kidshealth.org/kid/htbw/teeth.html



Ballistics Apprenticeship

Introduction to science field:


Terminology: http://home.comcast.net/~dsmjd/tux/dsmjd/tech/glossary.htm

Interactive Activity: http://php.forensics.rice.edu/case1/Game/ CHOOSE FIREAMRMS/TOOLMARKS EXAMINER

In Dept Information: http://library.med.utah.edu/WebPath/TUTORIAL/GUNS/GUNBLST.html


Toxicology Apprenticeship

Introduction to science field:


Terminology: http://library.thinkquest.org/04oct/00206/text_glossary.htm

Interactive Activity: http://php.forensics.rice.edu/case1/Game/ CHOOSE TOXICOLOGY LAB

In Dept Information: http://www.soft-tox.org/docs/Guidelines%202006%20Final.pdf



Document Examiner Apprenticeship


Introduction to science field: http://www.handwritingfingerprintexperts.com/handwriting_examination.htm

Terminology: http://www.documents-examiner.com/Documents-Examiner-Glossary-FAQs.htm

Interactive Activity: http://tul.com/

In Dept Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Questioned_document_examination



Detective Apprenticeship


Introduction to science field: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detective

Terminology: http://library.thinkquest.org/5109/vocabulary.html

Interactive Activity: http://www.fffbi.com/games/academy/

In Dept Information: -------------------------------------------------

Field Technician Apprenticeship


Introduction to science field: http://www.all-about-forensic-science.com/forensic-science-technician.html

Terminology: http://library.thinkquest.org/04oct/00206/text_glossary.htm

Interactive Activity: http://www.centredessciencesdemontreal.com/autopsy/index.htm

In Dept Information: http://www3.sc.maricopa.edu/ajs/crime_scene_technician.htm







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Comments (12)

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 8:36 am on Feb 8, 2009

Carly - I am totally blown away by this - You are so CREATIVE and SMART!! I am telling other teachers to come and see it!

carly said

at 11:28 am on Feb 8, 2009

Thanks Ms. Jackie!

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 5:45 am on Feb 18, 2009

Here's a website you might like to explore - http://www.iwaswondering.org/diane_homepage.html

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 5:34 pm on Mar 25, 2009

Hurrah - you video is fantastic!

carly said

at 8:18 am on Apr 4, 2009

Ms. Jackie- My Vokis won't play, and neither will my xtranormal video. They just freeze with their mouth open, but it's only on my computer. When I tried my brother and sister's it worked, and vokis and videos work on all the other pages on my computer. My dad and I can't figure it out, do you know what might be wrong?

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 4:43 pm on Apr 4, 2009

They all work on my computer, too. It may be the amount of memory or type of processing system in your computer.

danielle said

at 1:26 pm on Apr 9, 2009

wow! great job! also, very interesting!

carly said

at 8:23 pm on Apr 11, 2009

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 7:00 am on Apr 15, 2009

Here is a site you might like - Interactive Autopsy - http://www.deathonline.net/movies/mm/autopsy.cfm

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 2:42 pm on Apr 19, 2009

This is a piece of art - FYI - the Vokis showed up on Friday - remind me to try tomorrow to show all the others students your page!

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 1:48 pm on May 17, 2009

Wow - I think you can create your own book from all of this! Here are some FBI games you might like - http://www.fffbi.com/games/academy/

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 12:41 pm on Jun 2, 2009

I just twittered about how much cool stuff you keep adding even though it is summer break!

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