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Famous Singers-Musicians

Page history last edited by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. 15 years ago



Most Famous Singers and Musicians of ALL Time



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Title of Website:  Can Anybody Sing? 


URL Adress:



I would give this site a 30 out of 35. Which makes this singing site, a good site.  


Links for music resources:http://ability-programs-challengertafe.wikispaces.com/music+links


Comments (3)

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 3:13 pm on Mar 14, 2009

Love the initiative you are taking - great picture trail!

gianna said

at 7:54 am on Mar 15, 2009

Sorry, on my link, the whole description of the website didn't show up for some reason. But if you want to see what I wrote for the description, just go to edit, and scroll down.

Aaron said

at 12:01 pm on Sep 14, 2009

Woo! Go Drums! Do you play the drumset or just percussion. WOO this is off topic! WOo.

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