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Extreme Animal Project

Page history last edited by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. 9 years, 5 months ago

About the Authors 

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                            Ryan            Austin


Xtreme Animals


We want to learn about all extreme animals

(listed bellow)

  • Cheetah
  • Polar bears
  • Kangaroos 
  • Great white  
  • Peregine falcon
  • Komodo dragon
  • Ostrich
  • Blue whale

  • Poison dart frog

  • Lion fish

  • Giraffe

  • killer whale

  • Andaconda/Reticulate python  

    RS AB



Visual Poetry - ImageChef.com

 Picture gallery



Komodo dragon

T'as d'beaux yeux, tu sais ?AB

Kangaroo                                        Peregrine Falcon,can fly up to 200 mph.






Title of Website:  Nationalgeographic.com 

URL Address: http://news.nationalgeographic.com




Description of Website:

This website is very resourceful. It has lots of information. I is better if you are just looking for Information. 



Overall Rating: this site got a 34 out of 36 and that means it is a very good site


Cheetah running in Namibia photo


Title of Website: Read write and think.org


URL Address: http://www.readwritethink.org/lessons/index.asp


Description of Website:

This website doesn’t have hardly any games or videos. It has more product ideas and such. 


Overall Rating: 24 out of 36 which means it’s not to bad


Title of Website: kidsNationalgeographic.com


URL Address: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/  


Description of Website:

This is a very good site that has lots of games and videos that are educational. This is a good kid site.


Overall Rating: this site got a 35 out of 36 and that means it is a very good site


 Title of website: nature/notebooks


URL Address: http://www.nature.ca/notebooks/english/mon2.htm


Description of Website: This website is good for finding a lot of information  


Overall Rating: this site got a 26 out of 36 and that means it is a good site





Ryan's Animations

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Comments (12)

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 5:46 pm on Sep 7, 2008

Ryan - great initiative - you made a great video and made the link work - I am proud of you!

jorden said

at 7:15 pm on Sep 7, 2008

Ryan you are really good.

Mrs. Hughes said

at 2:47 pm on Sep 12, 2008

Awesome jobs boys! Keep up the good work. I like your moblyng!

Mrs. D said

at 12:15 pm on Sep 14, 2008

Really looking good. Keep up the great work. I'm sure you'll end up learning a lot.

alexm said

at 10:02 am on Oct 2, 2008

those are awesome pictures! I like the one with the kangaroo. It's funny. The project looks really cool

calieghc said

at 9:59 am on Oct 7, 2008

those pics r cool!! how did u find out any of these things exist.. i mean i've never heard of the poisen dart frog before...how did u find out about it and how did u no it was extreme ..mabey u can ad that i ur project!!! bubi!!


ryan said

at 1:59 pm on Oct 8, 2008

thanks for the comments!

lexi said

at 1:17 pm on Oct 21, 2008

I love the kangaroo picture.Those pictures are really cool.

rayanna said

at 1:21 pm on Oct 21, 2008

Ha ha!the kangaoo is awsome!You are doing a great job!

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 9:33 am on Nov 9, 2008

Ryan - you are doing a fantastic job with your site - I am very proud of you!

Payson said

at 1:44 pm on Nov 19, 2008

This is an aaaaaawwwwweeeeeeeesssssssssoooooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee project

danielle said

at 1:21 pm on Apr 9, 2009

wow!!!!!!!!!!! i love the quiz! wow!

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