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Page history last edited by Rachel 14 years, 6 months ago

Laberdoodles and Goldendoodles


About the Author, Rachel:


My timeline is below. Click on it to

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Project Name: Doodles






I would like to learn all about goldendoodles and labradoodles. I would like to learn what makes them different from other dogs.

Links - Search: www.goldendoodles.com  was a really good place to find info on doodles.



What are Doodles?


Goldendoodles are a golden retriever and poodle mix. This dog may have wavy, flat, or curly fur and would most likely have a half poodle half retriever look.


An F1B goldendoodle would be a goldendoodle and a poodle mix. This dog may have a curlier and most likely more poodle-like look.


Labradoodles are a lab and poodle mix. This dog may have wavy, curly, or flat fur and would have a half lab half poodle look.


Why were doodles bred?


Doodles were bred because people wanted the smartness of the poodle and the family-friendly attitude of the retriever and lab. These dogs have become more popular because people want loving, friendly, and smart dogs. Also, these dogs are hypo-allergenic so people with allergies may not have as much of an issue with them. One last perk of having a doodle, they don't really shed.


When were they first bred?

Goldendoodles were first bred around 1990 in North America.

Labradoodles were first bred as a dog to help people get around, by the Australian Guide Dog Association in 1989.


Before these dogs became popular they were most likely called mutts.

Now, you may have to pay $1,000 for one of these designer dogs.



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This is my wonderful, smart, and loving dog! She is a goldendoodle!














Comments (10)

Clare said

at 11:55 am on Sep 28, 2009

hey rachel. you're so far along! your lego head looks really nice.

Kia said

at 11:57 am on Sep 28, 2009

GOLDENDOOLDES! I think Ms. Kreamer has a laberadoodle

Erin said

at 11:58 am on Sep 28, 2009

nice icon, it's really colorful

Nate said

at 12:05 pm on Sep 28, 2009

nice lego head!

Emilie said

at 11:43 am on Oct 26, 2009

You've done a lot so far!!! looks GREAT

Aaron said

at 11:45 am on Oct 26, 2009

Interesting topic.. I think you should also do Snickerdoodles!

Meghann said

at 11:46 am on Oct 26, 2009

Oh your page looks so cool. I love your colors and avatar! (sweet topic too)

Nate said

at 4:10 pm on Oct 26, 2009

Just a suggestion, but I think you spelled labradoodles wrong. But who knows, I may be wrong.

Alex said

at 8:10 am on Nov 18, 2009

All the highlights make the page hard to read. but still....Great page!

Clare said

at 12:43 pm on Nov 23, 2009

i love the highlights! i think they make the page more colorful

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