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Page history last edited by steph 14 years, 9 months ago

About the Author(s)





My Pets

  • My cat Pringles
  • My dogs Buddy - put to sleep :( & Sadona
  • My gerble Oreo 

Hey People! I can't wait to learn about all types of dogs! Make sure to also check out my work on the cooking page. That page was also done by Toni and I, and some awsome kids from Turkey! Make sure you check it out!





my pets

  1. my dog gordi!T
  2. my dog scruffy!!That recently died new years.



S - Steph

T - Toni


Project Name





S - I want to learn about all types of dogs and expecially the beagle!

T-I want to be able to know what type of dogs there are it will be awsome!! 


PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com






Wordle: Dog breeds






Comments (9)

Anonymous said

at 6:20 pm on Dec 17, 2008

Love the Picturetrail - you are the first to use it!

Anonymous said

at 5:51 pm on Dec 18, 2008

Toni can you pick a diffrent color thats like to represent who we are like the diffrent people but also if you dont want to i can.what ever you want to do.

Anonymous said

at 5:53 pm on Dec 18, 2008

oh and i like the idea of the pets you have but first of all my pets arn't yours and Oreo is not a gueni pig hes a gerble

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 7:32 pm on Dec 19, 2008

Looks super, Steph!

Burcu Gürbüz said

at 7:03 am on Dec 24, 2008


Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 11:00 am on Jan 1, 2009

Toni - I am very sorry about Scruffy! Why don't you write a memorial or create a Titkatok book (with his pictures)? Again, I am sorry!

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 9:02 pm on Jan 27, 2009

Doing another fantastic job - some great info on dogs. I took your quiz - it was great fun!

Daniel said

at 12:08 pm on Sep 14, 2009

go spagety

Daniel said

at 12:09 pm on Sep 14, 2009

i like dogs and cats do you like cheese

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