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Setting Up Your Animoto Account:

Animoto Directions

Animoto Sign Up Page - class code= A4ELab1031a (case sensitive)
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Mrs. Dekorsi's Page of Directions

Visual Poetry -


After you create your avatar, create your time line.  You need at least 10 items in your time line.

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The designers said that in this mode- where you didn't put you email address to sign up, you are unable to change your picture. 




                              Follow this... after you do this save your new picture.

The first thing you may do is go to account and upload an avatar.  This is a picture-likeness or symbol that represents you.  NEVER post your real image/photo on the internet.  Remember, Nothing is ever deleted from cyber-space.  Below are some avatar sites that you may use.  I am nervous about giving you the Simpsons site because you need to upload a real picture.  I have found a way around this.  Cut out a picture from a magazine and photo booth it.  I've done it, and it works.  Once you have the 'generic' picture there, you can change around all sorts of things to make it more like you- or not.  Feel free to get creative.


Getting Started:

Before you visit the different web generator sites, you need to know  how to save your image when it is finished. Here's how:

If you are using a Mac:

When you are finished, press CMD, SHIFT and 4 (on a MAC). A small cross-hair will appear.

Draw a box around your character. When you let go of the mouse button, you will hear a camera sound.

Your  character will be saved to the desktop.

Rename him / her (using your first name)

If you are using a PC:

Press the PRT SC button. Then go to Word and choose Edit --> Paste.

Now, save your Word document to your desktop. Don't forget to save it with your name as the file name.

Web Generators to Try: - when using any websites, remember to be safe and sensible. Think before you click.

Build your Wild Self -

 Lego Block generator -

m&m creator -

Simsonize Me -


Once you have saved your avatar and made it an icon.  YOu are ready to tell us about yourself.  REMEMBER no pictures, personal information, or last name. 

Use timeline to give a brief 'history' of you.


Using pictures on the Internet:

You cannot go to google pics., search a topic and cut a paste whatever picture you find.  Here are some option for finding CC (creative Commons) pictures. - you just have to reference the site - reference author and site just cut and paste.

Photos & Images

Flickr: choice-photographers-community

Compfight: search-Flickr-safe

FlickrStorm: search-Flickr-licenses

Behold: search-Flickr-safe-history

Simple CC Flickr Search: search-Flickr-safe-attribution

Idée Lab: Multicolor: search-Flickr-colours

Image Codr: attribute-cc-images

Cool Image Bank: share-collection-images

Deviant Art: creative-artwork-different

EveryStockPhoto: global-stock-photography

example: author: lukeok


Need More places to Look For Free, Copyright pics?  Try Mrs. Lancaster's Website.