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Cats Project

Page history last edited by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. 15 years, 4 months ago

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This is what I am going to be learning about for my project.(RS)



Links - Search


This is a website is about cats.RS


  1. Evaluate the website using the  Website Investigator Tool:  Website Investigator Tool.pdf
  2. Write your description using the Creative Web Tools For and By Kids using the following Word Document:  CreativeToolsKidsLinks.doc
  3. Copy and paste your description here.
  4. Make your hperlink active - add a photo from the site, if you desire.


Title of Website: With Only 400 Left, This Wildcat May Be on It’s Ninth Life


URL Address:http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/03/0310_050310_wildcat.html


Description of Website: This website is about how Scottish Wildcats are nearing extinction and how the London-based wildlife charity is trying to keep the wildcats’ numbers up.


Overall Rating: My visit to this website was very good because it gave descriptive information about the Scottish wildcats’ near extinction, and was helpful for the things I needed to learn about cats.


Title of Website: Great Cats


URL Address: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/GreatCats/lionfacts.cfm 


Description of Website: Great Cats has information about lions, with their class, order, family, species, food, size and habitat. It gives much descriptive informational facts.


Overall Rating: My visit to this web site was good, although there were some words that I couldn’t understand, like, Felidae, and Panthera Leo



 Ligers Make a "Dynamite" Leap into the Limelight




 This website shows how the lion and tiger hybrid, the liger, makes a leap into stardom in a movie called Napoleon Dynamite. It also has facts about ligers.


My evaluation of this web site came up as awesome and it is interesting if you never knew about ligers.




Search Wordie 


Interview with an Expert

Contact an expert and conduct an interview.  Do the interview with

  • video (using a video conferencing tool), OR
  • audio (to make a podcast), OR
  • an email or im transcript.


Decide What Tool You Will Use To Demonstrate What You Learned

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Comments (6)

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 5:02 pm on Sep 29, 2008

Alexa - this is looking fantastic!

carly said

at 11:36 am on Oct 20, 2008

This is pretty cool! I like how it's about cats that aren't domesticated

lexi said

at 1:11 pm on Oct 21, 2008

I like your page, it's cool.

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. said

at 8:15 pm on Nov 17, 2008

Your site is looking fantastic and your quiz is amazing!

caden said

at 1:36 pm on Nov 19, 2008

The Quizz was so cool I would take it a thousand more times!

Erdem Özdoğan said

at 7:49 am on Dec 19, 2008

fantastic work

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