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About the Participating Schools

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Sahuarita School District (Sahuarita, Arizona)

Sahuarita Unified School District #30 is located 18 miles south of Tucson. The school district is rural, with individual communities supporting the unified school district. 


This project is being completed by the Discovery Program, a gifted-education program for 3rd through 5th graders.  Students from the three elementary schools - Sahuarita Intermediate School, Sopori Elementary School, and Anza Trails School - come together for the program.  About 60 students are served.  Students received one-day of pull-out programming per week.  About 15 students attend on the indiivdual program days.


Millburn West (Lindenhurst, Illinois)

Millburn West is a k-8 school in Lindenhurst, Il.  Looking at the state of Il we are all the way northeast.  About 15 miles west of Lake Michigan and 5 miles south of Wisconsin. 

Our gifted Program is called AIM- Appropriate Instruction at Millburn.  Millburn is a small school and we are moving slowly into the 21st century-technology.  My 7th grade Pull-out students, who see me two times a week for 41 minutes will be participating in this project.  We are all looking forward to moving beyond our class wiki that we created in Lit. class, last year.

Private Hamdullah Emin Paşa  (Alanya, Turkey)


Private Hamdullah Emin Paşa Schools are located on the slope of the rocky peninsula where Alanya Castle stands.Surrounded by the Mediterrenean Sea and historical walls, Alanya castle has a splendid landscape.So the view from the school is breathtaking.Natural attractions and historical heritage make Alanya a popular destination for tourism.Therefore,foreign languages mainly English and German have been taught at Private Hamdullah Emin Paşa Schools for 30 years as main courses.Not only with its beautiful view,but also with its modern vision of education the school is Alanya's another attraction.

We, as OHEP Schools' educators and students, are very happy to take part in this project.We believe that it will be a nice and unique experience for us.



Yarmouth Elementary School (Yarmouth, Maine)

YES is a public elementary school serving students in grades 2-4 located in beautiful Maine.  We are a coastal town, so some of our students live by the sea, some live inland and some live on an island.  Yarmouth is just 11 miles north of Portland, Maine and is dotted with forest land, a river, open space and a quaint downtown hub.  We have a gifted program called the Talents Program that services identified students in math and language arts in grades 3-8 in our town.  My third and fourth grade groups meet once a week for enrichment in reading, writing and oral language and they can't wait to contribute to this creative wiki!  We look forward to collaborating with other students around the globe.

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